Restaurant Spotlight: Roots Southern Table

I love condiments. I have often joked that food is simply a holder for my condiments. Add how in the past year, I have also explored Southern cooking more purposefully. Maybe because my maternal grandmother was such a fantastic cook whose repertoire included classic Southern dishes like fried chicken and biscuits.

No wonder when I read mention of hummus made with a “Southern staple” in my Restaurant Hospitality feed, I had to check it out (though truthfully, hummus is a spread that I run hot and cold about).

Black-eyed peas are the chickpea substitute. The chef is Tiffany Derry of Roots Southern Table in Farmers Branch, Texas.

Photo Credit: Eater-Dallas Those of you who are reality foodie tv watchers may remember Chef Derry from Top Chef and a host of other programs.

Chef Derry is having a hot moment, her story being picked up in several food media publications. In addition to the Eater article, I like this wonderful 2019 interview article with Chef on Battman’s Chefs Connection,

Turns out that Michael Twitty includes a recipe for Black-eyed Peas Hummus in his bestseller The Cooking Gene. You can find a beautiful photo of Black-eyed Peas Hummus with Twitty’s recipe @ Farmhouse Cook.

What really excited me, however, was the menu posted for Roots Southern Table.

Roots Southern Table interior is so gorgeous and elegant with its neutral greys, wood, and coastal blues.

Where is this place?

Farmers Branch Texas. OH. Sounds like one of those tumbleweed-infested, in the middle-of-nowhere towns that dot the ginormous state of Texas.

Googling it, I read that Farmers Branch is an inner-ring suburb of Dallas. Okay. So while Austin, not Dallas, is on my top foodie tourist spots to travel, I can see making an exception because of a restaurant like this one: Roots Southern Table: Duck Fat Fried Chicken, ditto Potatoes, Southern Greens, Cast Iron Cornbread, Texas Peaches, Pekin Duck Breast. YAASSS!

RST Menu 7-7-21 (2)_Page_1.png

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